Tarptautine Teisininku Kolegija

The Tarptautine Teisininku Kolegija is a research and educational non-profit institution registered on November 26, 2014 in Vilnius, Lithuania, EU. The office of the Collegium is located in Vilnius.

The Collegium brings together experts from different countries – the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, thus, the interaction takes place mainly remotely.

The main practice areas of the Collegium include: the preparation of reports on the observance of human rights in the former USSR countries, legal opinions, monitoring. For instance, we implement a program aimed at monitoring the situation with persons extradited from the EU countries to the former USSR countries under extradition requests. Monitoring includes, inter alia, the facts of torture applied against extradited persons.

An important part of the work of the Collegium is the examination of criminal cases initiated in the post-Soviet states. These legal opinions and speeches of the experts of the Collegium in the courts of the EU countries play an important and sometimes a critical role in the course of court proceedings.

The Collegium has established extensive contacts with the human rights communities in the post-Soviet countries, the European Union, the USA and Canada, due to which we are able to promptly carry out our activities and exchange information with representatives of different countries and organizations.

The Tarptautine Teisininku Kolegija is a member of the FRA platform (The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights).

The Collegium actively and on an ongoing basis cooperates with higher education institutions in Lithuania and other EU countries:

  • European Humanities University (Lithuania);
  • Vilnius University (Lithuania);
  • Centre for East European Studies, University of Warsaw (Poland);
  • Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Uppsala University (Sweden);
  • University of Helsinki (Finland).