Legal Opinion
on criminal cases

of post-Soviet countries

How it Works

Expert study of criminal cases initiated in the Russian Federation and the CIS

Our experts will analyze the case files for the elements of crime, proof of guilt, procedural violations, human rights violations, adherence to the principle of double criminality

Participation of experts in court hearings in extradition cases

The opinion of an independent expert as to procedural violations, proof of guilt, observance of human rights, potential application of torture in the requesting country – all these issues are often significant and sometimes critical in the extradition process

Our Specialization

When applying for expertise, please note that we do not work in all areas of law.
Our specialization is accusations in criminal cases that have an economic or political component.

Banking Sector

Many times we analyzed criminal cases initiated against bankers whose banks were subject to bankruptcy or financial rehabilitation

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Corporate raiding

Businessmen are often accused of economic crimes for the purpose of further illegal takeover of their business

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Abuse of Power

The in-depth analysis of case files often reveals that the accusations of abuse of power in relation to officials and directors of large-scale enterprises frequently have political connotation

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Political Persecution

Politically motivated persecution may have various manifestations in criminal cases, but retains its characteristics and specifics

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Our Experts

If you would like a personal meeting with one of the experts, it is necessary to coordinate in advance

Oleg Bresky


Yarik Kryvoi

Great Britain

Offer to lawyers
who work with:

  • refugee status processes
  • extradition processes
  • appeals against search warrants

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