Expert study of criminal cases

The legal opinion provided by the experts of the Collegium is analogous to the legal opinion applied in the world’s legal practice. This is a written response to the request of a participant in the criminal process by the defense team (lawyer, suspect or his/her representative) containing an analysis and assessment of certain issues or the criminal case as a whole.

Upon your request, the experts of the Collegium will prepare:

  • Simple legal opinion – an expert assessment of one or several issues related to the files of one criminal case;
  • Complex legal opinion – a comprehensive case analysis consisting of the files of one or several criminal cases;
  • Collective expert study prepared with the participation of several independent experts and/or organizations.

To strengthen the line of defense, it is possible to include the case data in the reports of independent human rights organizations.

In this document, our experts will analyze in detail the facts appearing in the case file with references to the legislation of the country investigating the criminal case and the international treaties ratified by it. Based on these facts and references, experts will draw up opinions on the observance of legal norms in relation to the facts of a particular case.

The expert opinion may relate to various aspects of the criminal case: the elements of a crime, proof of guilt, procedural violations, human rights violations, adherence to the principle of double criminality in extradition processes, etc